Native Plant Initiative

In addition to removing invasive plants like garlic mustard, burdock and buckthorn, we are trying  to plant more native wildflowers that attract a wide range of pollinators and birds. A range of plant types will benefit native bees, honey bees, butterflies, moths and hummingbirds

Plants that are native to Wisconsin are best adapted to our growing season, climate and soils. Most pollinators feed on specific plant species. Non-native plants may not provide them with enough nectar or pollen or may be inedible to butterfly or moth caterpillars.

What are keystone species?

When a bumble bee feeds on a fruit tree flower to pollinates the flower which will produce fruit eaten by birds and dozens of other animals. Bumble bees are keystone species because they are species upon which other species depend.

We need to help pollinators!

There is evidence that several  butterfly and bee species have disappeared from parts of their range. It appears that habitat loss and pesticide use account for much of the population decline. We can do our part by keeping Doctors Park a safe haven for pollinators and enjoy the show they provide. Who does not thrill to see a hummingbird?

Do your part. Help us keep native plants thriving in the park and plant them in your yard as well.