Weed On Your Own

Like so many of our county parks, Doctors Park has a problem with garlic mustard, dame’s rocket, burdock, buckthorn, Canada thistle, bull thistle, Arctic scilla and day lilies all of which are invasive plants that take up space which could otherwise support beneficial native plants that benefit birds and pollinators.

Google provides accurate information to enable you to identify invasive plants. When in doubt, do not take it out!

If you are certain you can identify these harmful plants, please pull them out. Even taking out one or two invasive plants makes a difference.

Garlic mustard and Arctic scilla appear in the spring. Be sure to include the roots of garlic mustard and the bulbs of Arctic scilla.

Only a licensed herbicide applicator can cut down buckthorn and apply herbicide to the cut stump. Young buckthorn can be pulled out.

What to do:

Be sure to knock the soil off the roots. Toss plants into mowed areas where mowing machines will mulch them.